Jacuzzi starts from two brothers who made a pump that went over to the side of the bathtub in order to create a whirlpool effect. Years later they start the process of making the spa. Technically hot tub and Jacuzzi is the same thing, known as the jetted bathtub. Jacuzzi referred to an in-ground spa, or an above ground portable spa or hot tub.

Jacuzzi provides participants with a hot water soak to release their tension. The hot bath therapy environment aims at healing from in and out. The Jets are applied in the tub for hydrotherapy treatment. It works just like a miniature swimming pool. The owner should maintain the chemical balance and neutrality of PH.

Jacuzzi is common within the high working class people. They are people seeking for sanctuary during their soaking time after long hours at work. A good soak with hydrotherapy can help them to heal the dead cell tissue of their skins. At the same moment, it can also release their tension after long hours at work. This can be a perfect relaxation moment for them.

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