Koi pond is often built to use for keeping the koi fishes which is often keep at home as part of the landscaping features. The koi pond is designed to promote health and often growth for the carp fishes. The architecture of the pond can have great impact to health and the well-being of the koi fishes. The practices of keeping koi is often revolves around the finishing. The finishing means the koi is reaching its highest potential.

The pond that you build for koi should be close to three feet or deeper to allow these large fishes with enough and more comfortable space. A pond of the aforementioned size is enough for no more than five average sized Koi. You can grow some plants there to beautify the pond, as an add-on appeal for the surrounding. These plants can be the fish’s food since they eat plants sometimes.

The koi pond needs proper design and infiltration system for the fishes to grow healthy and big. This is important to maintain the koi health and happiness as long as they are living in the pond. Keep in mind as this koi pond is not a landscape but more as a tank to keep the koi fishes. It is constructed with either concrete or timber to retain the earth outside the pond.

Keeping koi fish requires very low maintenance compares to other animals as pet. It is only a bit of water handling requires when taking care of this type of fish. Koi pond can also create a mini ecosystem within your yard. Besides, it can also add a little sanctuary to the residential for stress relief purpose. There is also a surprising social benefit for you by connecting yourself with others who shares the same interest.

To homeowners that are currently searching for expert to create their own dream koi pond, you can contact us because we have years of experience in handling creation and construction of koi pond around Klang Valley areas.

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