The next step to maintain perfect pool water is to properly sanitize them. You may use sanitizer to kill bacteria and inhibit the growth of viruses, algae, and other organic contaminants. They are an unwanted organism that enters your pool water either by wind, rain, dust, and swimmers. The most common pool water sanitizer that you can use is chlorine.

The proper way how you can sanitize your swimming pool is by following these steps below. The steps will show you how to successfully sanitize to free your swimming pool from viruses and any microorganisms.

  • Start first with balancing the water of your pool. When we talk about properly balanced pool water, what we actually mean that it has just the right pH, total alkalinity and calcium hardness levels.
  • Next it is the time where you will chlorinate your pool. Bacteria and algae are unwanted guests at any pool party so this method can help to get rid of these things from your pool.
  • Giving your pool a shock treatment might to prevent and solves majority of pool problems.
  • Add algaecide to your pool in order to p[prevent algae from taking over the pool.
  • Clean the pool where you will clean the skimmer basket during the swimming season.

Therefore, you will need either hired professional to help you with the pool maintenance. The task itself is too hard to handle on your own. Get help from the professional to the shock treatment, adding algaecide and to chlorinate your pool.  These experts know more things than you do about pool maintenance.

For those who need to install their swimming pool, you can contact us to inquire. We have years of experience in handling sanitizing and maintenance of swimming pool. Our team is handling currently around Klang Valley areas.

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