At certain times, you need affordable swimming pool construction. In order to keep up with the increasing labor and material cost these days, selecting affordable type is important. If you are looking at the overseas market, the building of swimming pool sometimes varies. It might cost you more than 20K depends on the types of the pool that you decide to build.

If you are searching for affordable yet professional looking swimming pool for your house, please inquire us. Since the construction of swimming pool varies in their types and prices, we will try to give you the rough assumption. You can rely on us to give you the best affordable price that will fit within your allocated budget. But it will still deliver professional high-quality swimming pool design for you. We prioritize on you and your family in term of safety and comfort.

It will cost you for about MYR39000 for swimming pool with 20 feet depth with the size of 10 feet times 10 feet above the ground liner. It can also include 2 feet of Balau wooden deck skirting, pumps along with all the necessary equipment. Complete installation of the pool might be up to 3 weeks. Or if you decide on larger pool than maybe you can invest for about MYR49000. That is 13 feet times 8 feet high-end fiberglass swimming pool for in-ground installation.

Also, they will include together 0.5 HP pump, 16″ diameter filter, LED lighting, and pump house. This also includes cleaning kit and a concrete pool deck. The complete installation will take place within 3 days. So you will not need to wait too long to get your own swimming pool installed.

To homeowners who are seeking to build a perfect pool for their house, inquire us. You can trust us because we have years of experience in handling them. We do it from design to construction and maintenance of swimming pool. Our team is handling projects around Klang Valley areas to many areas in Malaysia

If you happen to need stunning water feature such as concrete pool or else, you are coming to the right person to provide you with the service and the facility. We are the best contractors for swimming pools in Klang Valley and is extending our service in the most part of Malaysia. For suitable project that will go according to the budget and preference of yourself, find us and you will get the stunning swimming pool that you will ever dream off.

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